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Cookies For LJ

LiveJournalers for a fatter LJ staff

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Who: a group of dedicated LJers
what: send the LJ staff cookies, cakes and other confectionairy goodness
where: all around the US and possibly the world
when: once a week, at our peak
why: because the LJ staff is under appricated

I'm looking for a group of dedicated LJers who are willing to either purchase or bake cookies, candy, or various other dessert-type goodness for the LJ staff. We will start off small, with a poll seeing what exactly the LJ staff would like, as far as flavours and types. Then, I will post the top 3, and see who knows how to make those things best. (for example, I make the best carmels this side of the mississippi). This person will then make their specialty, and money will be sent to this person in order to defray the costs of the baking materials and postage.


President/CEO :: zarhooie
Assistant to zarhooie :: enotnert
Treasurer :: hazelchaz
Poll Maker :: damnitnicole

Who We're Looking For

someone to manage the poll results
someone who is in charge of contacting the LJ staff when a new poll goes up
someone to organize who bakes/sends what when
someone to manage the userinfo

If you are interested in any of these jobs, please contact someonecatchme@livejournal.com
if we're missing something, let me know.

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