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Cookies for LJ has hereby been bought cookies (look at the userinfo page).

Aaaaaannnnnnnd . . . Stacy, chasethestars, would very much like real cookies for making LJ cookies.

I can't bake very well.

But can someone here make this happen?

Given the stress that LJ staff are under thanks to Fangate 2007 and the Ddos attacks, it's time for something good for them.
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Okay. Me being in Australia I can't say homebaked cookies would be good.

However, I'd love to send some famous Australian TIM TAMS to the LJ crew. They are totally the most delicious thing you have ever tasted. And it's a bonus for coffee drinkers as you can bite opposite ends and suck the coffee through it and have it mix with the chocolate inside!

Would you lovely LJ peoples like to try Aussie Tim Tams?? XD
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Cookie Schedule!

Hey y'all! Sorry about the delay. I think that we should probably back off to once a month again until we have more people. Sound ok?

Here's the schedule:

Febuary: elvinchild
March: purpleheather
April: unconventional
May: limelight_lude
June: vaxoventric

Sound ok to everyone? If anyone wants to send a second batch a month, leave a comment on this post, and then send a batch to the Seattle office. There's only a few people there, but I'm sure they'd appreciate it. and then send another batch to the SF office.

Alrighty? :) Also: If people could please post the months they'd be able to post cookies, I'd be really appreciative. Thanks!

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I stopped into the office for the first time in almost two weeks, and what was there to greet me but a great big box of cookies! That made my day. :)

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hi all.
just journal surfed my way here. is there an LJ office on the east coast? I'm in new york. I could bake soemhing for end of DEC. early Jan. lemme know what posts i neeed to read to know what to do. thanks

Schedule. Sign-ups for November, December, January wide open

Sorry I've been out of touch. I had a server crash in July and that took the wind out of my sails for the rest of the summer...

Who wants to ship cookies this month? Next month? Doing any holiday baking and want to share the results?

Who shipped cookies, if anyone, in August, September, or October? What kind of cookies did you send? (LJ monkeys, what kind did you receive?)

I was supposed to ship to the Seattle office in October. I'll be doing that this month since I missed my slot.

Is there anyone who can take on the job of reminding people? All you have to do is find the message where they volunteered and send them a follow-up reminder message...

Early November __________
Mid November __________
Late November texmorgan "I can do either late November or early December. Just remind me and I need the address as well."
November for Seattle Office hazelchaz
Early December 2005 __________
Mid December 2005 __________
Late December 2005 __________
December 2005 for Seattle Office ____________________
Early January 2006 __________
Mid January 2006 __________
Late January 2006 elvinchild "I'll take late January, just remind me."
January 2006 for Seattle Office ____________________
Early February 2006 ____________________
Mid February 2006 ____________________
Late February 2006 ____________________
February 2006 for Seattle Office ____________________

"Early" should ship by the 10th, "Mid" should ship between the 11th and 20th, and "Late" should ship on or after the 21st of the month. Or thereabouts. There are 16 people at the office working on LJ, so I suggest shipping two dozen cookies or more. (Regardless of how many you send, they'll get eaten.)

tiffeh, glolikestetris, benniferus, lilacbtrfly, cordelia_sue, rowan23, sweetlittlechef, vaxocentric, wendy -- do any of you want to volunteer?

June 2004 glolikestetris (snickerdoodles received)
Early August 2004 brigid23/brigid23 (chocolate/peanut butter chip cookies)
Late August 2004 cordelia_sue (chocolate chip granola cookies)
Early September 2004 sweetlittlechef (assorted flavored meringues: mint, almond, lemon)
Late September 2004 wendy (turtle cookies: caramel, pecans, chocolate chips)
Early/Mid October 2004 hazelchaz (soft ginger snaps)
Early November 2004 rowan23 (cookies with chocolate bottoms)
Late December 2004 zarhooie (sugar cookies, pizzelles and fudge)

Early January 2005 vaxocentric (ginger snaps or molasses cookies with electronic fuses)
Mid January brigid23/brigid23 (shortbread)
Late February shocktart_ct (chocolate chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies with hershey kisses, andbite size brownies with mini peanut butter cup center.)
Mid March alien_sunset (triple chocolate cookies)
Late March gretzilla (oatmeal raisin, sugar cookies, and Lebküchen)
Early April elvinchild (No-Bake #1 - Chocolate, oats, peanuts; No-Bake#2 - Peanut butter, oats, crasins, raisens, mini chocolate chips, and marshmallows.)
Late April hazelchaz (Lemon Wafers and Viennese Brandy Twists)
Early May purpleheather ??? wants a reminder
Mid May coolhappysteve ("traditional back-of-the-tollhouse-package-from-memory Chocolate Chip cookies")
Late May brigid23 (Molasses cookies)
May for Seattle Office henry (chocolate-chip)
Early June unconventional "I talked to zarhooie and we're going to switch dates so I'm doing early June and they are now doing early July."
Mid June limelight_lude (chocolate chips and some triple chocolate chunk with white choc, milk choc, and dark choc.)
Late June alien_sunset (vegan chocolate chip)
Mid July kalki (chocolate chip oatmeal cookies)
Late July shocktart_ct "just dont let me forget"
Early August kevink
Mid August endedru/reeniecooks (caramel corn)
Late August james_everett (Sugar, M&M, Chocolate No-Bake, Snickerdoodles, White Choclate Macadamia Nut.. and about 16 square feet of bubble wrap)
August for Seattle Office _smelleykelly_
Early September elza_kun
Mid September 2005 crisco
Late September elvinchild (chocolate-cherry chip cookies, and rice krispies)
September for Seattle Office chrishaas
Early October takehiro
Mid October 2005 pocketnovel (I'm thinking double chocolate chip cookies and vegan chocolate cupcakes)
Late October iamspongebob

Notes on satellite offices: rahaeli, markf, lisa aren't at LJ hq.
damnitnicole might help out with the off-site mailings.
nacreous lives in San Jose (near Six Apart hq).

Paypal account ( has $25.62 in it. Nothing has been paid out yet.
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Mid October

I'd like to volunteer for mid October, if that's okay. Does/can that include remote employees? (Support supervisors deserve cookies!)

I'm thinking double chocolate chip cookies and vegan chocolate cupcakes (that don't taste vegan). Unless someone doesn't like chocolate, of course.
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The late August shipment is on it's way...with a little something extra for Frank. Hope you enjoy.

As I didn't know if you had none egg eaters, I shipped some no-bake cookies in with the others. There are about 6 dozen in all.

I also added some stress relief materials (not that I think it's a stressful work environment) in the box. I'll let the recipients expound on that once they receive the package.

Take care, all!
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The whole LJ team in one place

Since I'm part of the LJ staff, I had some inside knowledge when I volunteered for my early-August cookies-for-LJ duty: the whole team was going to be together in one place for the first time in LJ history. All of the out-of-towners converged on Six Apart HQ this week for a long-planned team powwow.

I cheated a little bit on the definition of cookies. For the occasion, my wife, reeniecooks, very kindly made us a big batch of her outstanding caramel corn. It went quickly with this crowd :P